High performance skincare for sensitive skin – Part 1


We all deserve healthy, glowing skin but for too long those of us with sensitive skin did not have access to skin changing products. Having researched clinical skin care ingredients for over 20 years, I put my mind to developing gentle formulas that would have skin sighing in relief, and at the same time could rival even the most advanced cosmeceuticals for results.
That’s how Keep It Simple Skin was born. Highly effective, multi-purpose skin care which is both simple and clean in formula, and simple to use — because let’s face it, you shouldn’t need a science degree (or an hour in the bathroom) to achieve great skin.
In fact, sensitive or not, simplifying your skincare can really help bring your skin back to life as processing unnecessary chemicals can put a real burden on your skin. Our motto is simplify your skincare, amplify your results.
So lets focus on what you really need to achieve great results on skin (hint: choose quality over quantity with multi-purpose core products to do all of the heavy lifting).

1. A high performance eye cream 

This one is a no brainer. It should be light and nourishing and contain ingredients which both protect and repair the delicate eye area. SHUTEYE Probiotic Eye Defence Balm contains probiotics to balance skin microbiome, and repair and protect your bodys thinnest and most delicate skin. Skin around the eyes doesnt have the ability to produce the vital lipids needed to keep skin moist, so ceramides and hyaluronic acid are key players in ensuring it remains hydrated.
Dry skin can lead to fine lines and wrinkles, so choose ingredients in your eye cream that will alleviate dryness or dehydration, without weighing skin down or irritating eyes.
Finally, wake up tired eyes with ingredients that help drain the area of puffiness and reduce dark circles under the eyes. With a safe and gentle peptide technology, SHUTEYE not only dramatically reduces under eye circles, it also helps to smooth and thicken skin, which sadly gets even thinner as we age.

2. A nourishing cream to moisturise and protect skin 

In answer to the eternal question, do I really need a day cream and a night cream, the answer is a resounding no. What you need is a cream that will repair your natural barrier function and provide protection from oxidation and environmental damage.
What about treatment products? The key is to personalise or customise your results with a targeted serum (we’ll show you how to customise and achieve game changing results without stripping your skin in part 2 of this article). SECRET AGENT Probiotic Face Defence Moisturiser contains probiotics to balance your skin and repair barrier function. This is essential for healthy skin. Hyaluronic acid and ceramides ensure optimal moisture and hydration, without weighing skin down or blocking pores.
The other essential ingredient is a potent antioxidant. Your skin is subjected to a barrage of aggressors throughout the day and night, including pollution, radiation (from the sun and technology) and many others. We chose a tochopherol (Vitamin E) derivative because frankly, we have never seen an antioxidant so strong. Not only does it protect against free radicals from radical oxygen species (ROS) – it also protects against nitrogen-based free radicals which are thought to be the major cause of skin discolouration including dark spots and pigmentation, so it really helps give you an even, radiant complexion. It also provides over 99% pollution protection and provides an effective line of defence to prevent signs of aging from environmental skin damage.

3. A gentle (but powerful) cleanser 

Ah, gentle cleansers. Those of us with sensitive skin have been led to believe this is somewhat of an oxymoron, as many gentle cleansers either dont clean properly (no, you should NOT need a cleanser and a makeup remover), or they leave your skin feeling heavy, greasy or dirtier than when you began. The alternative of stripping the skin clean isnt an option either, as this can really damage your skin microbiome and barrier function, leaving skin feeling exposed and dry and/or taught. 
The message here is that cleanser should never be an afterthought it is one of the most important steps in your routine and it can make or break your great skin goals.
If I have learned anything from studying the skin care art of our flawless skinned Japanese sisters, its that powder cleansing and double cleansing are as important as your moisturiser and should be an essential part of your skin care.
Part of the daily cleansing routine of Japanese women for thousands of years, powder cleansers can change the way you think about cleansing forever (and not just because you can always take them on the plane with you!).
We have designed WHIPPED CLEAN Powder-to-Cream Cleanser and Exfoliator so that you can use it as both a luxurious creamy cleanser and an gentle yet effective exfoliator simply by changing the amount of water you add. 2 products in 1? Brilliant. 
Simply add water to the powder for a luxurious creamy cleanse that will remove all traces of dirt and makeup. Increase the powder-to-water ratio and you have yourself an exfoliator to use when required, or as part of a daily double cleanse routine.
We have included premium Japanese rice bran plus papaya enzymes for their superior exfoliating and skin renewal properties.
How can you get 2 products from one powder? Our specialty rice bran has unique emulsification properties, which means the speed at which it dissolves depends on the amount of water you add. The less water you add, the more exfoliating action you get. I use it to double cleanse every evening (cleanser first, exfoliator second) and not only do I never feel dry after cleansing, I swear you can see the glow immediately.
So thats skincare simplified or skinplified! All of your essential skin care needs covered with 3 core products. With more key ingredients to deliver multiple benefits, and less non-essential ingredients which can cause burdening and skin irritation. And always, always, always fragrance free, vegan and animal friendly.
Next week: Look out for SKINPLIFY ME High performance skincare for sensitive skin Part 2 Personalise your skincare with a custom serum treatment.

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