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Plant Chemicals can be toxic: Did you know that toxic chemicals in Daisies are so strong, they make bug spray from them?

There are natural products that are good for your body and skin, and there are plenty that are not. Nature has a very effective way of protecting itself, as many people with chemical sensitivities will know. Plants produce pesticides and chemicals as a natural defence against predators, insects, or microorganisms (in fact some plants, like Daisies, contain such powerful chemicals that they make bug spray from them). These chemicals can cause a multitude of health problems for humans. Essential oils are another example – they are potent chemicals that can be a serious problem for skin and health.

Many drugs are synthesised from natural chemicals. Arsenic is natural, so is poison ivy and cyanide which occurs in many plants and herbs.

Some of us a more sensitive than others, but the point is that natural does not necessarily mean safe (and put down that chocolate bar - no amount of antioxidant is making that good for you!).

KISS products only use safe plants which have low acidity and contain no salicylates. Most of our actives are peptides, and this is great news for your skin, and the environment.


Peptides are your new BFF

Peptides are game changers in skincare. They are biomimetic, meaning your body recognises them because your body is made of peptides. When peptides, which are chains of amino acids, are organised in specific ways they can tell your skin how to behave, and that’s really good. They are also sustainable and have low impact on the environment, and that’s really great.

Using this philosophy of choosing only safe and sustainable plants when necessary and combining them with peptides allows us to formulate highly effective formulations that are suitable for even the most sensitive individuals. And we don’t have to plunder the earth of important plants which may be home to many different and important species.